Our mission with Youth INspired is to unleash a new generation of heart centered, emotionally strong social innovators and leaders with the determination to support and build a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. It’s a place where we define success from withinside the love for ourselves, others and the world.  


 Youth INspired is unique. It’s a place where new role-models and business models are created and celebrated from the beginning of life. Where creativity, play and connection are at the heart of competence and character.  A place where practical skills meet moral imagination and urgency meets action. Youth INspired serves a community of social innovators and builders who are willing to embrace the challenge of solving the world’s toughest problems and provides the practical tools, practices and resources needed to create new solutions for an interdependent world. Ultimately, our shared ethos, our commitment to moving in love, creativity, play and the unleashing of human energy within our communities will serve a future for all of us.


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TV Show on WWTVN

A TV show of collaborative creatives, teachers and loving hearts providing fun, interactive and educational content for kids under 7 & parents! 

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Education Platform

 Learn In Love Skool Is Youth INspired's

Academy Supporting Social, Emotional, & Personal Learning Through Fun, Interactive Activities That The Entire Family Will Love.

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Sleep Support

A series of games your child will want to play to help them go to sleep!

A Simple safe and loving Journey through color and music inspiring creativity, relaxation and self-esteem as your child passes beautifully and joyfully into a peaceful sleep.

Drawn from age old and proven techniques of creative visualization and meditation woven from millennium science and research, this project is reaching 

new heights!