A non-profit project inspiring and encouraging the child within to feel strength to authentically shower the world with the truth they carry inside.


  To provide fun evolutionary projects, scholarships, services, classes and options to support social, economic and global impacts for youth and parents of the world.


TV Show on WWTVN

A TV show of collaborative creatives, teachers and loving hearts providing fun, interactive and educational content for kids under 7 & parents! 

Education Platform

A collaborative education platform supporting the basics from Chakras, Seasons, and Elements to Cleaning, Laundry and day to day life!

Sleep Support

A series of games your child will want to play to help them go to sleep!

A Simple safe and loving Journey through color and music inspiring creativity, relaxation and self-esteem as your child passes beautifully and joyfully into a peaceful sleep.

Drawn from age old and proven techniques of creative visualization and meditation woven from millennium science and research, this project is reaching 

new heights!