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A fun, educative and interactive TV show for kids under 7 & parents love it too!

The show is interactive and playful giving tools to help us feel and understand our emotions while we learn about our spiritual body and energies all around us and inside of us.20 minutes of captivation and learning for everyone in the family!!  


Sing with puppets, follow along with games and captivate with animations.

'A Play On Color' is the ABC;s and 123's of chakras, energy,

and emotional intelligence. 

Watch Our First Episode, Rainbow!

A play on color was created in the beginning of COVID with a team of hearts from all over the United States to give back to the people!  With no equipment and obstacles to jump through together we launched 6 shows on YouTube in 3 short months!

With the nod of a puppet and giggle of a child 'A Play On Color' joined WWTVN Network to support and give to the people even more!  We are so ignited and thankful!



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