Our mission with Youth INspired is to unleash a new generation of heart-centered, emotionally strong social innovators and leaders who have the determination to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world. We define success from withinside the love for ourselves, love for others, and love for the world. 

Youth INspired is unique. It’s a place where new ideas and business models are created and celebrated with the help of new role models. Where creativity, connection, and playfulness are at the heart of competence and character. A place where practical skills meet moral imagination and urgency meets action. 


Youth INspired serves a community of social innovators and builders who are willing to embrace the world’s toughest challenges while providing the practical tools, practices, and resources that our youth needs to create new solutions for an interdependent world. Ultimately, our shared ethos and our commitment to moving in love, creativity, and play will help unleash positive human energy within all of our communities as we move into the future together.


Youth Inspired was founded by Erin Nicole in 2018 with the goal of using the power of love, creativity, and entrepreneurship to build a world where everyone has an opportunity to live with dignity and thrive. Our vision is to create a space where donations from people like you go directly to people who need support and inspiration to make their ideas a reality and their dreams come true. Your seed money can help bridge the gap between the social impact of pure philanthropy and the people who want to take their fight for a more positive world to the next level.


Youth INspired CEO and Founder Erin Nicole began in 2010 when she found herself pulled into a new perception of life after facing death in a system that didn't have the ability to help her or heal her. She dove into education and global nonprofit support which inspired her to create Youth INspired.  When she founded Youth INspired in 2018, practical life tools and the arts were non-existent in our education system and still are. Since then, Erin has been on a mission to change what and how kids learn.


Since we first began, our objective has been for everyone to feel safe while they grow in their passions and creativity. We have the ability to host venture capital funding from a global community of philanthropists and businesses that are willing to take a risk on a new approach to improving education and the future of humanity. Youth INspired's donors are also our partners because our collaborative approach is to invest together in long-term change. Meet these partners at the Famili a project at WeAreOneFoundation.org 501c3 as we work together to make more ever lasting change.

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