Guide Team

Guide = Someone who demonstrates a way, idea, structure or path.

Team = A group that comes together to achieve a common goal.

Guide Team = A group that supports the best & highest good of an individual's personal goals, passions and dreams.







​Erin is an Energy Healing Practitioner, a military veteran and holds degrees

in Business and Health Marketing Communications. For the last 20 years, she has owned a salon in San Diego as a Cosmetologist, specializing in hair restoration. She established a volunteer program for seniors, offering 100+ free haircuts a month, and was presented with the Humanitarian Award. She has led branding, marketing and events for global and nationwide social impact projects and non-profits, including CAYS, Blue Ribbons Worldwide and Autism Tree Project Foundation. Erin is a fun loving, Multicultural Innovative Educator. As a much beloved teacher, she brought a "new wave" curriculum to the Perris County educational system.

Erin is a creative visionary producing crafts for kids and adults through TheFaeryShoppe on Etsy. Her art is published in the book, Blindsight: A Quantum Life In A Human World. Creativity helps her maintain balance and facilitate growth. Her deepest mission is to ignite the creative side in all of us.

TOGETHER we are stronger. 
The truth is, when we feel valued, supported and INSPIRED, the sky is the limit!


Find more from Erin Nicole @ www.ErinNicole.Love

Erin Nicole

Founder Youth Inspired

Global Visionary & Heart-Filled Creative Faery

Guide Team, Cast Member, Voice, Puppeteer & Creator of Millie, Creator of Wizard, Bluski & Klover

Born mountain dwelling hippie turned world-traveling USN Operations Communications Specialist - Erin’s passion for supporting the youth in us all began with her own struggles in school and being bullied. In adulthood, the struggle developed physically. She was sick for many years before finding the healing that only self-love brings.

Faith K Lefever

COO, Cast Member, Creator of Green Monster Animation & Claymation, Editor


Artist based out of Alma, CO. She is the Co creator of A Play On Color, Board Member of We Are One, COO and guide team member of Youth Inspired. 

Being a guide team member, Faith is here to support, create and help build dreams.  Creating a space for imagination and teaching those interested in any art medium. Faith's background provides experience in many different creative fields and mediums, being able to teach technique,  visual expression, and authenticity in your individual style.

Being also on the board of PCCA non profit organization for artist is Colorado and a published writer and artist Faith's day to day life as a mother and wife, gives her the drive to support the passions and creativity for all youth and parents.

Find more from Faith @

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Victoria Ford

CAO, Secretary & Cast Member


Tori, is an international artist, a co-producer for the Play on Color Show, and a board member of our 501c3 We are One Foundation. At only 20 years old, Tori has grown with the Youth Inspired team to find her own position within these inspired projects. In addition to this, Tori is a talented young photographer; showcasing her photographs in The All Points Magazine as well as in 6 art shows, one being in Rosarito Mexico. Tori hopes one day to take the most amazing picture for National Geographic. She also is on her way to working as a cinematographer on a film and television set, her first credit role proudly being with Play on Color. 


Tori was one of the first youth to build her platform and grow with Youth Inspired for the past 3 years. She is thankful for all of the Guide team and is an amazing addition to our team. With Youth Inspired and We are one, Tori has also volunteered her time with Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation, Helping bring christmas miracles to children aat Loma Linda. She loves connecting and helping others, especially the ones who will one day be the future. There is a power with the youth, and it is thanks to people on this team that she can learn to use her own power!


“Can't wait to connect with you and give you support through our Youth Inspired Team! Sending all good vibes!!” -Tori

Tory Ford Head Shot Youth Inspired.png

Beth Burges

CFO, Treasurer & Guide Team

Beth has over 40 years Accounting Management and Computer Development Experience

with a background in IT Development / Management with a degree in Accounting and Business Management.


Prior to joining We are One Foundation; Beth managed the Accounting Department for a Solar and Energy Efficiency company in Connecticut for over 5 years and maintained the Accounting and Office Management for 12 Companies owed by the same principal for over 8 years.  Beth also worked at two major Insurance companies, instrumental in developing and managing several key computer systems used in the industry. 


Beth maintains a core value system that surpasses most, using integrity and compassion in all that she does.  Using a management style that nurtures and encourages her staff to be the best and to develop top notch skills.


Outside of work Beth loves to travel and was a military dependent growing up, living mostly overseas in Europe and the Far East.  Which gave her the appreciation of other cultures and diversity in acceptance of others. Spiritually Beth has developed a passion for Energy Healing and uses multiple modalities for healing others.

Beth Photo.jpg

Nikoleta Mavros

Assistant Producer, Cast Member, Co-Creator & Puppeteer of Wizard


Nikoleta is here to share insight, wisdom and guidance on the cosmos, consciousness and connecting to our core! She plays alongside Michael to animate Wizard’s character - who is based on her dear friend, teacher and confidant, Gregory Charles.

Her approach to spreading emotional awareness is inventive, creative and fun-loving. Believing that we can’t have a better relationship with someone else than the one we are having with ourselves, Nikoleta questions the way we do things, offering more conscious and intentional choices.

​She fuses her passions for astrology, culture, travel, comedy and spirituality with her background in mental wellness to create a magical healing combination.

“The deeper we go, the more we learn about and heal our inner selves – the more sensitive to the world and its beauty we become.”


Kaelah Wilson

Cast Member, Puppeteer, Voice & Creator of Klover

Kaelah is a college student based in San Diego studying ecology, behavior, and evolution as well as music! She has been playing music all across California since 2013 and writes her own music under the moniker Klove. Her songwriting can be heard throughout

episodes of a Play on Color along with her puppet partner Klover.

Keahla Head Shot.JPG

Dawn Waibel

Cast Member, Puppeteer,Voice & Creator for 'Sunny'

Dawn is A Play on Color’s resident food guru and the creator and voice of Sunny the  puppet.  

Dawn has led a varied and creative life thus far. After graduating from UC Irvine with a degree in  Biology she began a career in the lighting industry that has spanned almost 25 years. In the  middle of her lighting career she took a detour and traveled the world as a flight attendant for  Northwest Airlines. Travel is still one of her favorite things. Dawn has also participated in the  Aidslifecycle charity ride for the last 3 years which is a 545 mile charity ride that raises money  for AIDS charities. Bicycling brings joy and the feeling of freedom to Dawn’s life.  

Helice ‘Sparky’ Bridges

Aka “Grandma Sparky”

Founder Blue Ribbons Worldwide 

TEDx Presenter

Master Communicator and Mentor

Guide Team Inspiration

Grandma Sparky produced, wrote and starred in a musical along with 150 Miss Teen American Contestants. Her music was performed on ABC’s 20/20. Over 50 million people impacted by her work translated into 12 languages.

In 1980, she created the “Who I Am Makes A Difference”®. Blue Ribbon Acknowledgment Ceremony.  This message has impacted over 50 million people worldwide, averting adolescent suicide, ending violence and making dreams come a minute or less.  


Grandma Sparky has spoken on stages along with Vice President Al Gore and the Dalai Lama.  Her work has been published in Mentor Magazine along with Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and Jack Canfield. 


Now at the youthful age of 76, Grandma Sparky travels the world teaching kids and adults in schools, organizations, corporations, and military how to unite humanity through the power of love.     

I love Erin’s spirit of collaboration.  She is our inspiring Faery.  Together, her team of spiritual leaders and celebrities are ensuring that young artists have a platform to be supported and recognized worldwide. Youth iNspired’s is the answer to bringing art to our world.  It is an idea whose time has come.   

Follow and join Grandma Sparky and her team to honor 1 Billion People by 2020! Follow Grandma.Sparky on Instagram.

Blue Ribbons World Wide 501c3

Dawn Head Shot.JPG


 Dawn has been continuing to explore her lifelong love of food and cooking. She is a Precision  Nutrition Level 1certified nutrition coach and is enrolled in the Food Future Institute, a vegan  cooking certification course. Dawn is working toward expanding her love of healthy eating and  cooking into a program to help people eat better and learn to cook healthy food for themselves.  She truly believes we are what e eat and by eating natural non processed foods our  communities will be healthier and have more energy to live their dreams! 

Dawn also has been exploring her creativity by creating and animating Sunny the Puppet. She  wants Sunny to inspire kids and adults. Thru Sunny she wants to spread joy and love in the  world! She is excited to introduce Sunny to the world. 

Mikal Masters

Author, Musician, Songwriter,

World Traveler, Speaker, Motivator

Guide Team, Cast Member, Puppeteer, Voice & Character Creator of Bluski

Mikal Masters is on a mission to inspire all humans to their potential as more than just what he calls a “Meat Suit.” With his book, “Blindsight, A Quantum Life in a Human World,” along with the accompanying 5-Part Video Simulation Series, Mikal is revealing our true nature as beings of Intelligent Energy, or as he calls it, “Intellergy.”

Through Blindsight, Mikal joins his voice with some of the most engaging thinkers of the millennium to illuminate the difference between the brain and the mind. As he says, “The brain is merely our personal computer for receiving information, processing and storing it and then transmitting. The higher mind is our true self and the creator of our reality.”

Mikal identifies what he calls “The Human Disease” or our addiction to the reactive nature of the physical brain with its belief systems, preconceptions, expectations and habits. The modern human’s focus and reliance on the brain excluding the higher mind has led our species to the brink of failure of virtually every system it has created: education, environment, political, social, technological and religious.
With Blindsight, Mikal offers fun and engaging ways for managing this addiction while at the same time, inspiring mindful ways to consciously evolve and heal our world.
Mikal is out speaking and spreading this amazing and exciting message. With his decades of experience as a stage performer, you will not want to miss him!


A Youth inspired is much like a candle: bright and vibrant yet so fragile; at the same time, capable of igniting a grand blazing inferno. The millennium young person is the epitome of potential, promise and possibility. We want to be a part of the reality that these Indigos are creating in any and all ways.


The millennial youth are creating a reality that will little resemble what has come before. It is more than essential to do everything one can to make that reality one of expanded awareness with interdependence with all beings.


We are what we think.

Learn more about Mikal and his journey at or on

Damion Ryura 

Creative Director of House of Ryura Designs 

Cast Member & Guide Team


Fashion was something he discovered when he was young, creating garments for paper dolls and drawing characters with very unique looks for defending the World from any threat to peace. Now taking House of Ryura in a new direction working with cosplayers and creating more than just fashion but putting creativity into movement going beyond just the cat walk.

I was introduced to art at a very young age as I got older I saw and understood how important art is in not just the development of a young mind but how it helps maintain stability in an adults life. I am very happy to be part of the Youth INspired family and look forward to help others find creativity and grow with it.


No artist should be alone in the struggle of becoming an artist.


Instagram: @DamionRyura


Greg Betts

Frequency Officer (FO) & Guide Team


Greg has spent many years in high technology and business strategy, with companies including Apple, Merix Corporation and Compression Labs.  He is a MBA from Harvard Business School and B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.


Today Greg is a pioneer of a new method for physical and emotional healing called Harmonic Sequencing (HS). HS enables people to access high frequency energy patterns created through harmonic overlays generated by the heart by healing intentions. Or in other terms a newly developed method of letting go of old habits, patterns and pains!


Greg developed the Harmonic Sequencing technique as part of his own healing journey of self mastery and highly developed mentors. He has successfully healed himself of prostate cancer, sleep apnea and cycle brain chemistry (a variation of bi-polar).


HS can help parents and youth to remove the barriers of physical and emotional impact that have stood in the way of more complete self expression have you on a path of dreams.


To Greg supporting our youth to discover and share their gifts is one of the most important things we can do to help all of humanity create and share a better world.  


Youth Inspired is honored to have Greg as a part of our Guide and Structure Team in supporting and uniting humanity through youth creativity!


Follow and Contact Greg @








Cheryl runs a global coaching company working with entrepreneurs and businesses dedicated to social impact. She has always been a humanitarian and is on the executive team of two global non-profits. She also supports and champions many other causes and non-profits.

She has always been dedicated to children and youth her whole life and is a certified Montessori and Reggio Emilia teacher. For the past 8 years, Cheryl is a regular part of the workshop team of Motivating the Teen Spirit founded by Lisa Nichols that help empower youth in emotional strength and intelligence.

She has always had a passion for youth. She believes that we must nurture the youth as our future leaders if we want to see real change in the world. Youth hold the key to many of the problems that we face in the world today. If we nurture their creativity, originality, voices and their expression, then we can create the ripple effect of change for good worldwide.

I am here on earth to love & 
to catalyze love in others through music, art, service and being.

Find more from Cheryl at,,
Instagram: @cheryl8angela

Cheryl Angela

World Accomplished Harpist

Guide Team


Cheryl Angela is known as the Angelic Messenger of Music and the Superpowers Catalyst. She is a multi awarding winning musician and composer ~ harp and voice primarily.

Gifted as a healer from childhood, she uses her music as a healing modality and is trained in therapeutic harp. Cheryl's music has touched tens of thousands of lives with healing and comfort. She is an international musician with three solo albums and multiple collaborations including film, DVD and stage performance.


Deborah Robin Mech

Guide Team 


M. Ed., M.S., CCH, CSC, is the President and Founder of her umbrella company,  URU-Universal Resources Unlimited, and has been providing a variety of Human

Development and Professional Growth Seminars since 1998.


Deborah has also been a professional educator and educational consultant for over 33 years, and her specialties include her groundbreaking work created in 1994, Spiritual Diversity in Education, which has now grown into a multi-faceted educational program.


Deborah describes Spiritual Diversity in Education as a conversation and interactive experience designed to explore this aspect of being human.


This emerging field of Spiritual Diversity in Education has also been described by Deborah as “a bridge between the left brain, concrete, linear components of traditional education, and the right brain, creative, abstract, multi-dimensional components that exists simultaneously in the educational environment”.


Deborah herself is a unique blend of traditional and non-traditional educational training, experiences and practices.  She performed teaching and administrative duties for 12 years in the San Diego Juvenile Court and Community Schools, working with incarcerated youth.


Since that time, Deborah has been working in the public, private, and charter school systems providing direct support and consult/collaboration to students, teachers and parents at all levels of education, and through her private practice, URU-AlternativeEducational Systems.


Deborah is a CSLA (California School Leadership Academy) graduate and holds a B.A. in English (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), the M. Ed. in Curriculum and

Instruction, and the California Preliminary Administrative Credential, (San Diego State University). She also has an M.S. in Special Education.


Deborah has also completed training in the fields of Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, and served as an Instructor and Curriculum Designer for The School of Healing Arts.


With an all around heart for life, love and youth, Deborah supports Youth Inspired with her creative touch and knowledge that expands you by her presence.


URU-Universal Resources Unlimited

encompasses the collection of Deborah’s work, projects, and products.

For more information, go to:


”When the Bizarre becomes Normal, the Normal becomes Bizarre!”

Selena Wilson

Artist and holistic educator

Guide Team & Cast Member


I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. Always aware of the beauty in our surroundings, as well as in each person, I believe that we are all creators, we just use different mediums! As an art teacher, I help others to unlock their creative potential and activate their right brain, enhancing vital skills like problem solving and critical thinking.


In addition to the belief that our creative natures are essential to cultivate, wellbeing in general is my passion. As a teacher of the arts in high school, I noticed that there was a need for students to learn about the power they have to create their own happiness and resilience. The Art and Science of Wellbeing is a high school elective course that I have created to help students learn how to manage their inner lives in order to achieve balance and awareness of their emotions and health both physically and emotionally. I was never a fan of the way school promotes mass conformity, and the phrase, "when you get into the real world..." directed at the youth has always rubbed me the wrong way. Of course young people are already part of the real world! They should be included as contributors as well because they have value to add to the world because of who they are and what they can do. It is well known that people need a sense of purpose in order to thrive.


This is why I am so excited to be part of Youth Inspired. I have always imagined a program where kids can be connected with mentors on their own timeline, not just because they are 18 or have achieved some imaginary benchmark set by society. Lets get them actively building their dreams today, this real world needs them and their passion!


I believe that we must nurture the youth as our future leaders if we want to see real change in the world. I believe youth hold the keys and solutions to many of the problems that we face in the world today. If we nurture their creativity, their originality, their voices and their expression, then we can create the ripple effect of change for good worldwide.


Lets Make Believe!

Play is the most ancient and sacred form of learning and I know that part of my mission is to help people tap into their creative selves with a sense of play and purpose.

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 12.44.19

Ross Marquand

Actor & Impressionist

Voice of the 'Wizard' Puppet


Ross is an accomplished voiceover actor, Ross has lent his talents to productions such as Phineas and Ferb, Conan, and video games like Battlefield Hardline. He is also known for impersonating a plethora of celebrities including Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, Matthew McConaughey and over 50 others.


Before his fame, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of Colorado, Boulder where he performed in stage productions of To Kill a Mockingbird, The Passion of Dracula and more.


“A Play on Color is a great project . . . allowing children the ability to express themselves early on and breaking down barriers increases empathy across the board . . . it’s the way we can move forward!


Young men [especially] are not taught to be vulnerable or to communicate their feelings. If we can give [them] tools early on, all of those things can help the development of a child. Opening up and expressing ourselves is how we lead richer lives.”

Marilyn Helgeson

Guide Inspiration

Founder Friends of Rosarito's Children 501c3

Marilyn quotes a John Lennon lyric to explain her current life in Rosarito, Baja, Mexico:  “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”


When she discovered Rosarito 7 plus years ago, she found a niche writing about Rosarito’s artists for the Baja Times. She was more interested in exploring their stories...why they do what they do….then the art itself. She soon discovered that, as Robert Gumbiner patron of the Long Beach Museum of Latin American Art discovered years before, Baja artists are world class artists not getting the attention they deserve.


With this background, Marilyn was an accommodating co-conspirator when Xochitl Contreras, director of Rosarito CEART, the new cultural center, approached her with a dilemma. Xochitl had a state of the art facility and a stellar staff of art, music, theater, dance and photography teachers but few students. There were many young noses pressed against ‘the candy store window’ who lacked the $15-$20 per month it took to get in.


Very soon, Friends of Rosarito’s Children, FoRC, was born. FoRC, now a program of the Long Beach/Rosarito Friendship Cities Association, is in its 3rd semester of providing scholarships for local students to attend classes, not only at CEART, but also with private instructors in the community. FoRC provides music instruments, art supplies, library books and opportunities for students to showcase their work at Rosarito Art Fest and internationally.


FoRC has found college scholarships for two of their students; one of whom will do whatever it takes to be able to float in space as a scientist/astronaut and one who plans to  move to Miami to earn Mexico another Oscar for movie directing.


Marilyn and FoRC appreciate the opportunities Youth Inspired has afforded to advance the visibility of Friends of Rosarito’s Children and the youthful talent they represent  in the greater San Diego area.

Janina Scarlet

Guide Team

Janina is a doctor, a psychologist to be exact. She is also a scientist, a writer, animal lover, and a full time geek. Geek culture had a powerful effect on her life, helping her to recover from PTSD and learn to manage her chronic pain disorder, uncover her secret superpowers, and discover a way that she can help others.


In working with both active duty service members and civilians she saw the powerful impact that stories have on our lives. When we relate to a particular person, real or fictional, this can make us feel less alone, inspire us to make a difference, and can potentially help us heal. Janina began incorporating relatable examples from geek culture into therapy, first with active duty Marines, many of whom love Batman and Superman.


Last year she was interviewed several times by The Huffington Post Live TV, she was invited to present at different conferences, both pop culture related (like the San Diego Comic Con) and professional ones.  Jania was also invited to give lectures and provide training to medical residents and psychology graduate and post-doctorate students at various hospitals and universities, including Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego and the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Hospital.


She could not be happier to share my love for geeky things with the world and hope’s that more  medical and mental health settings will start and continue to implement geek culture into treatment.


Star Wars Psychology, Walking Dead Psychology, Game of Thrones Psychology, Captain America vs. Iron Man Psychology, Doctor Who Psychology, Star Trek Psychology, and others are a few of the books Janina has co written. In addition, she wrote her own books, Superhero Therapy, which is part book and part comic book, illustrated by the incredible Wellinton Alves, published by the amazing Little, Brown and Company.

I am currently working as a Clinical Psychologist at at the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management. My job is to help people with PTSD, anxiety, and depression.


If you would like to know more about janina or get in touch with her, please feel free to find her! Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or by email:

Janina Head Shot_edited.jpg

Michael Vinal

Technical Talisman, Cast Member & Puppeteer for Wizard


With more than 40 years of experience being a child , Michael brings his own style of humor and sarcasm to the world of emotional awareness and integration for kids. He works alongside Nicole to bring Wizard to life!

In addition to being part of Youth Inspired, Michael is a tech entrepreneur and investor, with expertise in business systems and automation. His unique perspective and contributions come from a background in technology, science, and Zen/Taoist philosophies.


Gregory Charles

Dear Friend & Partner in Spirit

Inspiration for Wizard Puppet

Gregory Charles was born in Australia, traveled the world for 40 years, lived in 5 countries, appeared in hundreds of media interviews and greatly impacted the minds, ignited the senses and opened the hearts of the people he touched.

As a well-known Astrologer, Reiki Healer, Author, Lecturer and the finest of friends, Gregory was embraced by the Dalai Lama and kissed by the Pope!

His passion for helping people align with their purpose and vision through his creativity, humor, and loving spirit was uncanny! He presented people with choices by freeing them from their own thoughts and behaviors – “There is no right or wrong, only choices and consequences”. He opened and enlightened us to who we really are, to be the best expression of ourselves. He taught us to DREAM. And to never give up on that beautiful vision. Ever.


Gregory passed away on the full moon of March 10, 2020. He envisioned a world where people lived free, free from their own games and narratives. He especially sought to reach the youth, through their parents. We are grateful to honor him in our teachings and to introduce his latest book, “The Art of Parenting: Letting Go”. This book is the best example of how Gregory offered alternatives to our choices. Note: 25% of book sales will go directly to the Youth Inspired organization to create more content!


"I had to learn to trust his choices more than my fears."

- Gregory Charles, The Art of Parenting: Letting Go


Created by Erin Nicole

Puppeteers Nicole Mavros & Michael Vinal

Voice of Ross Marquand

Wizard is a magical character from Sydney, Australia. He is an old soul who is both gentle and wise. Wizard reminds us that magic is within each one of us – and that we hold the power to create our lives through imagination, fun, and most of all PLAY!

Wizard teaches us about Choices and Consequences, not Right or Wrong. In supporting our children in making and owning their choices, he encourages us to feel all of our feelings.

The inspiration for Wizard originates from our dear friend, international speaker, author and healer, Gregory Charles. Gregory believes and teaches us that Life is a Game; actually referring to life as “The Living Game”. Wizard is performed by Nicole Mavros and Michael Vinal; his voice is produced by Ross Marquand.

“You can play your life predictable or take the risk of being excellent and exciting.” – Gregory Charles

Wizard Head Shot.jpg



Created by, voice of and character creation

By Dawn Waibel

Sunny Head Shot.JPG



Created by, voice of and character creation

By Erin Nicole




Created, voice of and character creation Mikal Masters

Made by Erin Nicole

Blooski is blue through and through and all colors are his friends

like the colors of the rainbow. 

However it wasn’t always that way. 

Blooski comes from a world where almost all the others there are pastels or light shades... as someone of a darker color, life was harder for him as others in his world couldn’t feel comfortable around him. He spent too long being afraid and feeling on the outside.  Then one day Blooski decided he was not going to be scared anymore.

He allowed himself to open up and begin to make some new friends with the others. They all found how much they all were alike.. 
Now Blooski has a great group of friends. He loves to laugh and he loves to play with colors every day! And he knows that all colors are beautiful whether light or dark or anywhere in between!



Puppeteer, voice of and character creation By Kaelah Wilson

Created By Kaelah Wilson & Erin Nicole

Im klover! I like to share fun things that i've learned about colors and the world with all my friends and also go out to try new things. Some people say that Im an adventurous and adorable one eyed whiz.

Green Monster

Animation & Claymation 

Character Creation and Animator By Faith K Lefever

I’m Green Monster.  First name Green, Last name Monster.  I LOVE TO EAT EVERYTHING! I can move things with my mind, and I like to pop in and out of different dimensions.  I live with Faith K Lefever, she has the best stuff to eat, ukuleles, car keys, crystals, and fruit. Sometimes I go outside and eat leaves, or rocks. When I’m not munching I spend my time helping Erin and Millie teach at Lil Skool, I love yoga and making sure my chakras are balanced.