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Rochester, NY

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“An immediate intuitive knowledge

with kids.”

Erin is so connected to knowing how sentient kids are which helps them navigate the world and how they see and feel things inside and out. She has an immediate intuitive knowledge of each child that she meets. It’s very helpful to kids who find it tricky to navigate their surroundings whether it be at school, others kids or even at home.

When Erin comes into a room she naturally gets to know the kids. I have noticed they start the best conversations and things flow naturally which allows the child to be who they are.


She is able to show children will how to expand and develop their goals while they feel confident about who they are. They learn to love themselves for who they are on the inside and are better able to navigate their daily lives. She just has amazing intuitive abilities that can help kids step into their power and feel good being themselves!

Christine Dionese, Mom

Integrative Epigenetic Health Specialist

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Grandma 'Sparky'
Carlsbad, CA

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"It is an idea whose time has come."

"I love Erin’s spirit of collaboration. She is our inspiring ‘Faery.’ Together, her team of spiritual leaders and celebrities are ensuring that young artists have a platform to be supported and recognized worldwide. Youth iNspired is the answer to bringing art to our world. It is an idea whose time has come."   

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Nereida, 19
Riverside, CA

"Youth INspired pushed me out of the comfort zone."

Youth INspired pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am so appreciative. Thank you for giving me mentors I can truly talk to or look up to like a friend or a family member. They are able to be real with me and help me do and achieve my best.

San Diego
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“Helped me focus in on the kids individuality and how special they are.”

I have always been able to confide in Erin without any judgment. She has always been able to give me really good advice that is positive and outside of the box. She helps us see the situation differently and get a new perspective on how to overcome things.


I have a 2-year old and a 4-year old who both love Erin. She has helped me so much over the last few years when dealing with people's negative opinions and rules within society that seem confusing. 


She helped me focus in on the kids’ individuality and how special they are to me and to the people they come into contact with. Overall I recommend Erin for any guide or coaching support. I am really happy she is in my life and I hope she can be in your as well.

Ellen, Mom

San Bernardo

"The individual efforts made by the guide team make them really feel like family."

Youth Inspired changed my life in more ways than I even know. Before I was supposed to graduate I was unsure of my purpose. Now, I have a purpose and a greater understanding of what it means to value myself and my journey. The individual efforts made by the guide team make them really feel like family.

San Diego
Jenn Beckwith Testimonial photo.png

“Accepted to be exactly who they are.”

Erin has an ability to listen in ways that allow me and my kids to feel safe, inspired, and accepted to be exactly who they are. They are able to share truths and create openings to come through. There are times when kids see and experience things that they don’t understand and Erin has a way of making it all clear and safe.

Tori, 20
Riverside, CA
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"Thank you for giving me the motivation to be the best I can be."

A BIG THANK YOU! To Youth INspired for supporting the dreams of the youth. Thank you for giving me the motivation and opportunities to create and learn in my imagination so I can be the best I can be. 


Thanks to Youth INspired, I am now an internationally showcased photographer. A logo I designed was on a red carpet backdrop and I also became secretary of a non-profit group. But most importantly I now know that my self-love is most important and it’s all because one day I faced a fear and joined an art showcase with Youth INSpired.

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