Creative Experience 

We bring the fun to you!  

Showcase youth creations with support to self-love & entrepreneurship.

This program is designed to fit the needs of the school, program or group to fit individualized needs.  

Host An Experience

  • 1 Day Event Showcase

  • 2 Week Support Program & Showcase

  • 6 Week Support Program & Showcase

NOTE: Prices and Scholarships vary for each experience depending on length and guide support.

Our Why

Most schools today don't offer certain subjects and options for the kids, like they used to.  The creative mind is so important to be supported and ignited!  We are here to help you do this! We will come to your school or program with our guide team and support the kids to setup and showcase, in a completely youth led event! Take home opportunities, continued annual support and


Having the opportunity as a youth to showcase their creations, even at school, is empowering in building healthy self love skills for life.  Each one of us has the power inside to change the world.

We know that just making the creation or empowering the skills is just the beginning.  So we bring along with us a Guide Team of support and tool kits for taking their creations into entrepreneurship.  

Options you will find in our experience tool box:

  • Self-Love & Emotional Tools

  • Branding

  • Marketing & Media

  • Protection, Copyright & Law

  • Business Set Up Skills

  • Guide Team Mentorship

  • Opportunities To Join Outside Youth INspired Events

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​The main thing is for each youth to feel supported, acknowledged and empowered to be who they know they are inside.

Don’t miss this chance to ignite your school or program in passion, creativity and joy!


We have a short questionnaire to help us better know how to support before our call!


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