~ For parents and youth of all ages ~

An individualized program for self love, emotional intelligence and guidance to support a bright future in the passion your soul desires.

This project was created from our hearts, experience and education for the support of the parents and the youth of the globe.

At Youth INspired we believe that the individual in mind, body and spirit structured in its specific mixture is what makes a long life of love and happiness.


We support this belief by getting to know each of our members for who they truly are.


We see each one of us as a tree and we are all in this beautiful forest.  We strive to support each tree with nutrition, guidance and love.  The roots are just as important as our leaves.


So wether we are hatching a seedling or filling in the nutrition for a sprout or a fully grown tree, there is a solution for abundance and love.


To begin discovering what type of seedling or tree you are we have combined an array of ancient modalities, social and emotional tools, fun and love.


Let’s get started!

HIve IN 5 Ways!

  1. SEED - $11 Per Month

    1. Login access to free library

    2. 1 group web event with a guide team member

    3. Access to private group

  2. SPROUT - $33 Per Month

    1. Access to a paid class, PDF, tool or creative box or kit

    2. Login access to free library

    3. 1 group web event with a guide team member

    4. Access to private group

  3. NUTRITION - $111 Per Month

    1. Individualized assessment and personal guide session

    2. 1 - 30 min sessions

    3. 1 Guide assigned

  4. ROOT - $1111 3 Months

    1. Individualized assessment kit 

    2. 6 - 30 min sessions

    3. 2 - 60 min session

    4. 2-3 Guides assigned

    5. Structure

    6. Network Doors

  5. FOREST - $3333 for 3 Months

    1. Individualized assessment and personal guide with prescription kit (3 Month Min)

    2. 12 - 30 min sessions

    3. 3 - 60 min session

    4. 2-3 Guides assigned

    5. Network Doors

    6. Structure

    7. Market Celebrity/Professional Connection

    8. Marketing Support

Who is this for?

  • Parents do you have a kid that has talents you don't know how to support?  We can help!

  • Looking to be an entrepreneur, have an idea that you aren't sure how to produce or need support with your online set up?

  • For any parent or youth that is simply interested in learning more about your inner self, getting support in entrepreneurship or looking to better your future.

  • A person or family that has or is experiencing gifts, extra sensory or emotional intelligence, and looking for support or tools.

  • Someone diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar or mental disorder that may not feel like this a correct diagnosis or that there is more to what you have been told. 


  • This can be for anyone that feels at a loss for medical attention or support in looking for a solution.

NOTE - This is an individualized program and is designed for each member.

To support knowing that no matter who you are or how old you are you can DO ANYTHING!

With our team of experienced educators, healers and entrepreneurs we are ignited to watch your dreams unfold!

Meet our Team

Erin Nicole

Erin is a master energy healer, educational innovator, and coach for children around the world...

Greg Betts

Frequency Healing and Individual support.

Beth Burgess

Beth is a Reiki Master with a passion for Energy Healing and uses multiple modalities for healing others.

Faith K Lefever

Artist, musician, animation, illustration, editing and pretty much anything creative!

Selena Wilson

A woman who wears many hats, yet always in the mode of creating.

Damion Ryura

Fashion Designer and creative visionary supporting the hearts of people and the creative mind moving!