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Learn In Love (LIL) Skool is a place where new role models and business models are created and celebrated from the beginning of life. Where creativity, playfulness, and connection are at the heart of competence and character. The YI academy place where practical skills meet moral imagination and where passion meets action.


LIL Skool was designed to unleash a new generation of heart-centered, emotionally strong social innovators and leaders with the determination to support and build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world. We define success by how far we can spread the love for ourselves, others, and our world.


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Our heart centered courses, library and events are designed to help you build practical skills to drive confidence and positive change in your self, life and family.

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Our Accelerator is an individualized program that dives deep into practices that develop self-love and that will take your passion to the next level through creativity, leadership, teamwork, and fun.

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The Life Skills That We All Need.
 Social, Emotional, & Personal Learning
Through Fun, Interactive Activities That
the Entire Family Will Love

We are constantly adding to our huge library of entertaining and highly educational online videos that include workbooks, journals, and other tools that produce astonishing results.​

You & Your Child Benefit Right Away!

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Dive IN

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Meet The Guides


Erin Nicole

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Erin believes that LOVE is the answer to all pain and she has a life mission to LOVE the youth and parents for an always evolving loving world.

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Selena Wilson

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Selena believes that we must nurture the youth as our future leaders if we want to see real change in the world. Her belief is that youth hold the keys and solutions to many of the problems that we face in the world today.

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Faith K Lefever

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Faith knows in heart that the world is art and that we all have a spark inside of us. She is on a mission to support each and every super special piece in each one of us!


Heather Doyle

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Heather is an intuitive visionary with heart of gold who is always showering the world with her bliss.

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Dawn Waibel

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Dawn truly believes we are what we eat and by eating natural non-processed foods our communities will be healthier and have more energy to live their dreams!


Damion Ryura

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Damion has a fire inside him to see the creative mind flourish supporting the hearts of people through creativity, and a vision in action!

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"This is what the world is looking for, hands down."

- Gregory Charles -

Australian Guide in Spirit, Love & Light
Author, Astrologist and Prosperity Speaker & Educator

Building practical life skills for a better future 

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Join Erin Nicole, Founder of Youth INspired, in understanding our Chakra System and how our energy body supports the ability to control our emotions, creates better self-care, and a more balanced lifestyle.

What's A Chakra?
Lesson's from the Hall Closet

Join our Guides in simple and practical day-to-day cleaning and laundry tools for a better-kept home. This helps children and young adults have the skills and confidence to take on the next chapters of their lives.

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  • Individual Guide Support


Love in the hearts of all



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