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Super Special

Support 'A Play on Color'

Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Socks, stickers and more!  Take home your favorite character on 'A Play On Color'

$10 - $40

Super Special

By Erin Nicole

Accelerate your Chakra learning in our workbook full of endless games, trivia, flash cards, journals and so much more! Not only will you have fun, you will have tools to support a balanced stress free lifestyle.


Super Special

By Erin Nicole

Write, draw and express your experience, intuition and memories to support a balanced chakra system, with the Chakra Kidz interactive journal.


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The Art of Parenting: Letting Go

By Gregory Charles

Join the Australian author and his son on an eye-opening journey, living and growing together with a revolutionary approach to life.  Reading this book promises to transform your parenting to bring more ease, fun, flow, sharing and deepening connection with your children. 



By Mikal Masters

This is not a UNI -verse~
This is a Multiverse of infinite potential energy and intelligence~
We are entangled with the Multiversal Mind which lends us consciousness~ Before, beyond and within this Multiversal Mind is an indescribable Source~


Dark Agents

By Janina Scarlet

This spellbinding graphic novel follows the adventures of Violet—a young witch whose parents were murdered when she was a child. As she wages war against necromancers and demons, Violet learns to overcome her internal monsters as well.



Bedtime Imagination

By Mikal Masters

A series of games your child will want to play to help them go to sleep!

A Simple safe and loving Journey through color and music inspiring creativity, relaxation and self-esteem as your child passes beautifully and joyfully into a peaceful sleep.

Drawn from age old and proven techniques of creative visualization and meditation woven from millennium science and research, this project is reaching 

new heights!


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Super Special

By Faith K Lefever

Sometime we need to be reminded that our greatness comes from inside.Set in a world where everyone has their own super power, some silly, and some strange. A lyrical picture book full of interesting characters, and illustrations that spark the imagination.

$4.99 - $9.99

Social Emotional Workbook

By Selena J Wilson

Emotional Intelligence is the most crucial education we can give our youth today. Finally, a book for teens to cut out needless drama and create their best life! This simple guide is interactive, grounded in science, and inspired by The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.